About Us

People Passionate about Food Finding

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide South African foodies with a platform to shop a wide range of local & imported speciality goodies and discover new and exciting products that they would not ordinarily 'stumble' upon on their usual grocery store visit.

We want our suppliers to be able to communicate their stories directly to the consumer

From the Founder, Courtney

From a very young age I have been enlivened by diverse and universal culture trends, whether it be in people; food or fashion. This has, over the years, manifested itself in many different personal projects including a handful of entrepreneurial ventures scattered right through from my junior school years until after university.

In 2019 after 6 years of studying in Cape Town & 3 years working in Johannesburg, I qualified as an Attorney.

My years working in Corporate confirmed one thing to me - that my future lay instead in the colourful, beautiful & exciting world of people & food!

And so, at the beginning of 2020 I moved back to Kwa - Zulu Natal & joined my parents in their retail food business. With their 30+ years of experience in the industry I had lots to learn!

Moving back home I was reminded of how much I missed my visits to food markets on the weekends and meeting the varying impassioned merchants. I adored the pass-time and soon realized that the experience of meeting the merchant, learning of their product & the process, the sourcing of ingredients was a privilege only few could enjoy