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And so, at the beginning of 2020 I moved back to Kwa - Zulu Natal & joined my parents in their retail food business. With their 30+ years of experience in the industry I realized that I had lots to learn! Dealing with margins; expiry dates & incoming inventory is no easy feat!

Being back in my small home town I was quickly reminded of how limited our product offering was. I desperately missed my weekly visits to the varying food markets on the weekends and meeting impassioned vendors & tasting their product.

It dawned on me that this pass-time was a privilege only few could enjoy. This didn't feel right. I wanted to be closer to hard to reach, niche products (local & international) and I felt that others should too.

I strongly believe that every shopper should be afforded the opportunity to shop from a wide product offering. I don't want shoppers to settle for their second best option simply because of their geographical location.

I want to ensure every South African foodie has access to all the beautiful brands that they crave.

And so Corner Market Club was born as a way to celebrate & connect speciality suppliers to craving customers.

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