Cheaky Co - Chyps (Roasted Chickpeas) Salt & Vinegar 200g

0.237 kg
R 47.90

Mouth-watering roasted chickpea chyps in locally inspired seasonings and spices. Gluten free. High in fibre, low in cholesterol and vegan. Perfectly served with an icy cold beverage. Enjoy, guilt free.

Cheaky Co set out to create a mouth wateringly wholesome snack that paired excellently with an icy-cold beverage on a warm day: Enter Chyps!

This savoury snack has a crispy, crunchy texture that’s reminiscent of the traditional potato chip or corn nib, except we use high fibre, protein packed chickpeas and a combination of carefully blended seasonings and spices to keep you salivating.

A larger, fleshier chickpea varietal has been selected that has a softer mouth feel, producing a satisfying biscuit like crunch, right down to the last Chyp. Enjoy, guilt free!


Whole Roasted Chickpeas, Sea Salt & Vinegar (10%), Sugar, Coconut Oil, Acidity Regulators (Citric and Malic Acid).




Using a specific chickpea varietal, coupled with a roasting profile developed specifically for our Chyps, we wait until a crispy, crunchy texture has been achieved, after which our special blend of seasonings and spices are added to create Chyps!


Keep away from heat and moisture, and store/display out of direct sunlight, in an airtight housing. Do not store in a chilled or refrigerated environment


proudly Cape Town based, South African brand, Cheaky Co launched in 2019. They are passionate about running an ethical business by not using any animal ingredients in their products, contributing and playing an active role in community, and using materials and packaging that are recyclable.