African Oils Vinegar Hills - Tomato Balsamic Vinegar - 250ml

R 140.00

One of Vinegar Hills' best sellers, it is that good that you have to try it to believe it.  Made purely from ripe and red tomatoes and left to mature for 3 years.  Add it to a tomato, basil and mozzarella salad and you keep on coming back for more!

Vinegar Hills is a division of African Oils, dedicated to creating a range of unique Balsamic Vinegars. All fruits and herbs are farmed naturally on a farm high up in the hills of Stellenbosch and no insecticides or pesticides are used on the plants or fruit. They are sun-ripened and harvested in a 100% ripe condition, ensuring that the fruit sugar content is high, giving a sweet taste. Furthermore, no colourants, preservatives, flavour enhancers, molasses, caramelized sugars or any chemical substances are added to the Balsamic Vinegars. The flavour intensity of the Balsamic Vinegars is enhanced with maturation.  For this reason, all Vinegar Hill's Farm Balsamic Vinegars are aged for at least three years and are only released once they have reached their full potential. All products are hand-filtered to ensure maximum retention in flavour and aroma.