Gayleen's Loaded Logs - Maca Moringa - 29g

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R 22.90

With its marzipan-texture and sweet, malted-nutty taste, GD’s Maca Moringa Loaded Log is an energy boost that lasts, sustaining you for hours. Have one for lunch (literally have one for lunch!) and Maca’s mood-improving energy shot plus Moringa’s abundant phytonutrients will see you through until dinner-time.

Ingredients: Cocoa (powder, butter, mass), raw honey, Almond nut butter,  Maca powder, Moringa powder

Whether it’s because they’re nutritiously delicious or deliciously nutritious, you just can’t go wrong with GD’s loaded chocolate logs. They’re LOADED with health-giving, flavourful goodness and nothing else.

Gayleen’s Decadence (GD) is really passionate about bringing deliciously healthy options for chocolate onto the South African market.

GD chocolates are dairy-free and contain no cane sugar as only the very best local raw honey is used. They also contain no soya lecithin, preservatives, artificial colourants or flavourants.

And being UTZ certified means better cocoa bean farming practices with respect for people and planet, with no unhealthy spraying and no child labour.

Everything is handmade and hand-wrapped by GD’s team of local Capetonians.