Tribe Coffee - Chocolate Block Whole Bean - 250g

0.25 kg
R 64.99

This full-bodied roast from Tribe Coffee is so chocolatey and good! In some seasons,  it's more milk chocolatey and other seasons it's dark chocolatey. Sometimes the chocolatey aroma has red cherries and sweet berries and other times it has a nutty, creamy milk choc aroma. Sourced from Guatemala, the land of eternal spring. 

Best as: Moka pot, espresso, filter or plunger

Power rating: 4+

Tribe Coffee has exploded onto the Cape Town coffee scene in recent years, earning its place among the big names in Mother City coffee. It was founded by three veterans of the local industry, each of whom spent many years working with the roasters that pioneered speciality coffee in South Africa. They came together with the aim of making speciality coffee accessible to everyone without compromising on quality. Tribe Coffee roast delicious blends and some special single origins that are used by restaurants and cafés all over the city and draw their loyal customers to their Woodstock headquarters & Buitengracht city café for their daily coffee fix.