Wild Coffee - Filter Grind - 250g

0.25 kg
R 135.00

This coffee is neither cultivated nor maintained, and all harvesting is regulated through ancestral entitlements. During harvest, deep in the ancient cloud forests of Ethiopia, careful attention ensures that only the highest quality ripe berries get picked. Locals distinguish this forest coffee from other coffees by the name, 'wof zerash', or 'sown by the birds'.

Wild Coffee South Africa is the proud partner of Ethiopian Wild Coffee. They are dedicated to providing you with sustainably produced, ethically sourced wild coffee to fuel your wildest adventures every day.

Their low-light forest coffee is grown and harvested without the use of any chemicals or foreign additives. All residents that collect and process Wild Coffee's beans are members of fair-trade coffee cooperatives. Wild Coffee partners with both Ethiopian and South African NGOs to ensure that each bag of Wild Coffee purchased contributes to protecting the forests and communities that rely on it.