Macro Mixes - Chocolate High Protein Creamy Quick Oats

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An all-in-one balanced breakfast solution: these oats are WAY more than just regular oats. They are your macros, flavours, fibre and deliciousness all in one. Ready in minutes, these oats turn out perfectly each and every time.
  • High protein
  • Calorie controlled
  • Sugar free
  • Gluten free

As pioneers in the health food industry Macro Mixes provide high protein, sugar free and calorie controlled baking premixes and porridges to people who value easy, delicious and nutritious eating. A local Cape Town company with a small team and a massive dream, they are fueled by a passion to help others overcome the obstacles to health and happiness.

Sustainability and convenience are at the core of all that they do, in both a dietary and an environmental sense. Macro Mixes products are developed with long term health in mind. Macro Mixes care as much about their products as they do the environment, that’s why everything is locally produced and 100% home compostable. 

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