Natural Life, Spork

0.012 kg
R 29.00
If your office, school or favourite take-away spot is still using plastic or disposable cutlery then this is a must for you. It is also the perfect lunch box partner for the little ones!

Our re-useable bamboo spork is made from FSC approved MOSO bamboo. They are therefore biodegradable and durable and you are saving the planet one meal at a time. Best of all, they do not cost the earth.

There is no better time than to swith from single use plastics to re-useables. Our bamboo cutlery and bamboo straws are made from sustainably sourced MOSO bamboo, renowned for it's anti-microbial nature and durability. They are a plastic-free, toxin-free, natural alternative to plastic straws and cutlery and you can even get your bamboo or organic cotton travel case to ensure you are never without your re-useables when you need them.