The Fruit Cellar - Dried Pears 100g

0.1 kg
R 28.00
  • No Sulphur 
  • No Preservatives 
  • Halaal 
  • Kosher 

From the experienced hands of the Tierhoek Organic team comes a range of conventional, sulphur and preservative free dried fruit under The Fruit Cellar brand. 

Owners Bruce and Alison Gilson work closely with local Western Cape farmers who are globalgap and export certified. By buying locally, The Fruit Cellar uses fruit that would otherwise be thrown away, due to sun damage or under sizing, thereby assisting local farmers and producing quality dried fruit for their customers. 

“It is our responsibility to combine the experience of our drying technique and our production team to ensure sustainable employment for the families at Tierhoek and to produce The Fruit Cellar range giving people a healthier choice in the conventional dried fruit market”

All of the Fruit Cellar's dried products are packaged in an exciting new biodegradable packaging called Biophan. Biophan is a non-toxic Polylactic acid (PLA) film, which is a new, environmentally friendly thermoplastic polymer made from starch.